Precision Grinding:


Our grinding department is made up of several high precision grinding machines. We perform the following grinding operations:

              • Surface
              • Outside diameter
              • Inside diameter
              • Radius
              • Form & Profile
              • Tool & Cutter
              • Jig


We grind materials such as :

              • Tool Steels
              • High Speed Steels
              • Carbide and Ferro-tic
              • Mild Steels
              • Urethane

All grinding operations can be held to tight tolerances and surface finishes.



CNC Machining and Cad Cam:


When multiple parts with a high degree of accuracy are required our CNC's are the machine of choice. Our Cad Cam system can download your existing file or we can create one for you. DNC software assists us with large programs and program storage.



Manual and Prototype Machining:


From one off parts to high production, we utilize our manual lathes and mills for general machining, to high end precision work.



Metal Spinning:


We offer high quality spinning from a wide variety of materials, with complete machining services after the spinning process.



Welding and Fabrication:


Complete fabricated assemblies to small brackets and guards, we will take care of all your welding and fabricating needs.



Machine Rebuilding:


From simple to complex industrial machinery, we offer a complete range of rebuilding services. Services include:


              • Bearing & Bushing Installation
              • High Precision Bearing Break-ins
              • Ailignment & Indication of Critical Parts
              • Resharpening or Remaking of any Cutting Tooling
              • Resurfaceing of all Critical Surfaces
              • Complete Testing of Equipment


Prema also offers a complete on-site consultant for your machine and tooling issues.